Summer School Blog Post AM 7

What did we do in class today and how does it connect to technology?

Today we learned about the industrial revolution and how it affect village life through the playing of a game. The urban game is where you create a village through drawing, and edit it as time passes to follow what would happen if your village got hit by the industrial revolution of the 16th and 17th centuries. This connects to technology because it shows the negative and positive effects that progress can have on a town and the people in that town. In the game, we see that the creation of factories, causes the economy to boom, but the family lifestyle of the people to plummet.

Based on Urban Game, do you believe new technology is always good? Why or why not? (Use the game to help you explain your answer!) 

No, I do not believe that new technology is always good because based on our findings from the Urban Game, the technological advancements can result in loss of jobs, an abundance of people, and crowded cities with businesses. 

I believe that technology isn't always good. In the game, the new technology called for new jobs, which children and women took. They worked in poor conditions and were vulnerable to fatal accidents due to the machinery. 

The outcome could be good or bad as it all comes back to who, what and how it’s used. Like in the urban game for example when the canal was added it gave the town an upper hand because they were more advanced which made other towns admire them and maybe even fear them. It really boils down to who’s on the receiving side of it and who benefits or who doesn’t benefit from it.

Summer School Blog Post PM 6

What did you learn in class today? How did you learn it (explain the activities and lessons you completed.) What was your favorite part of class today and why?

Today, learned about the topic of imperialism, how it occurred and who was involved. The assignments we completed included, online quizzes, Quizlet to help learn phrases, watched videos and answered questions regarding them and finally, began a graphic organizer in our Digital NB. 

Today I started off by doing the bellringer which was a quiz and reflection. I then watched two John Green videos. The first video being imperialism which was about 13 minutes then I did a historical event slide which was provided by Mrs. Byars. The second video was about decolonization and I did a comparison chart for the video. Inbetween the two videos I read the sources and answered the questions. My favorite part of class was doing the bellringer because it was a quiz and it tested my knowledge.

Student-generated questions for our readers:

What do you find important about imperialism and the Colonization of Africa?
Does imperialism still affect the world today?
What country are you from and did they ever have Imperialistic intentions?

Here are some outstanding pages from our digital NBs! 

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Summer School Blog Post AM 6

What did you learn in class today? How did you learn it (explain the activities and lessons you completed.) What was your favorite part of class today and why?

We learned about imperialism and decolonization by watching videos and responding to questions digitally. My favorite part of class was doing the quizizz before starting the assignment because it gave me a good understanding of how much I know about the topic.

I learned about imperialism and how they took away so much from the colonized. The colonizers took over their homes and mistreated those who inhabited the land. I also learned how decolonization allowed the colonized to have independence from those who held them dependent. My favorite part of class was working on my assignments while listening to Mrs. Byars musical playlist. I especially loved Hamilton and Dear Evan Hansen. 

I learned what imperialism is and how it relates to colonization. Colonization is claiming an already developed land as your own. Imperialism is taking control of what you colonized. Colonization is the cause and imperialism is the effect. I watched the crash course video and worked on the #06 Reactions to Imperialism Hyperdoc. The assignment consisted of comprehension of the video and quotes about colonization. My favorite part of class was working at my own pace.

Do you think what you learned today helps you better understand the world today? Does it make you more prepared to be a citizen of the world? Why or why not?

I think what I learned gives me a perspective over how people were treated and how people think. I believe it does prepare me to be a citizen of the world because it makes me want to not let this happen again.

I believe that what I learned today did help me better my understanding of the world today. Imperialism still exists to this day and I'm glad I got to know what it is.

Some Examples of Student Work: 

Questions from my students for our readers: 

  1. What is your opinion on imperialism?
  2. How do you think imperialism affects today's society? 
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